At Volunteer Aid, we provide financial aid for volunteers while they are traveling internationally and domestically


Our Mission

To create the best possible opportunity for volunteers to have positive impacts on communities and individuals in need, while learning more about the world, its people, and themselves.

Our vision stems from our founder's personal experience volunteering in Kenya. During his trip, a national teacher strike forced Robert to change placements and ultimately allowed him to become involved in multiple projects within the Kibera slums. During this process, Robert realized that his financial resources often limited the degree to which he and other volunteer's could positively affect the communities they were working with.

OUR approach

Our approach is summarized by what we refer to as the 3 E's: enable, encourage, and empower

At Volunteer Aid, we recognize that volunteering trips often require a personal immersion into a new culture that can serve as a tremendous educational opportunity. By providing funding for travel expenses and program fees, we believe we can financially enable more young adults to afford to embark on such trips. Additionally, our efforts will make more potential volunteers aware of such opportunities and encourage them to participate. For these reasons, we view our funding as "scholarships" that facilitate further learning through global stewardship.

While some volunteers are able to afford the costs incurred of side projects outside of their original placements, many volunteers struggle to fundraise enough to pay for their trip's transportation and program fees. By covering some of these costs, we also aim to empower volunteers by increasing their potential to create positive, sustainable impact and address local needs once they are recognized.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others
— Mahatma Gandhi

What We're working to achieve

  • Provide funding for 25+ volunteers by 2021

  • Financially support at least 1 volunteering trip to every continent by 2022

  • Receive and review 100+ volunteer applications by 2021

  • Develop 10+ partnerships with corporations and nonprofits by 2021