Falling Into the Groove

The second week here at MKMC brought more confidence and a feeling of better adjustment. We have all gotten acclimated to how MKMC is run and are starting to get into the groove of actually being able to assist the other doctors more. Knowing where to go and which ways to be involved seems to finally be falling into place.  

Monday started the week off with a bang with a long 12-hour day. No matter what time of day it was, it seemed like the patients just kept coming and coming and we had to admit multiple patients. This pace continued throughout the week, with many different surgeries, births and patients around MKMC. While the days were long and busy this week, it was nice to finally feel more in tune with the clinic and actually get the sense that we were helping the patients.   

On Wednesday I had the awesome experience of "receiving" a omwana omwojo (baby boy) during a C-section and taking care of him in his first few minutes of life. It was amazing to go through this, but also slightly terrifying as I was the baby's main caretaker at that point. It was quite the experience to have complete responsibility over assessing him to ensure that he was healthy and well. He made me even more excited for all the other babies that I will get to help take care of during the rest of my time in Uganda. This is definitely an experience I will remember for as long as I am a PA and I can't wait to take care of the rest of the newborns here at MKMC!